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Review - Becky, Cambridgeshire

We love our new sentry box! It's the size we asked for, the colours we asked for and it holds just about every gardening tool we need close to the house. Communicating with Justin was easy and delivery was stress free. A very happy customer!

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Dear Justin, Great work, thank you. Fabulous workmanship inside and out. It weighs twice as much as I was expecting - no wonder you weren't worried about it blowing over. Thanks for slimming the roof

Dear Justin Apologies for not reporting delivery sooner but we are struck down with covid. However we managed to install the Sentry. It is absolutely splendid.It won't take everything but will certai

Hello Justin, Just to say thank you so much for delivering my sentry despite the unpleasant weather. I hope you had a safe journey home. The sentry is perfect. Made a cup of tea at seven a.m. this mor

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