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A hole in the hedge
Hole in a hedge 1.png

It started with a hole in the hedge. I could of filled the hole with more hedge, but sometimes you just start I want more hedge? What else could fill that hole? 

I started measuring and drawing and thinking and drawing and discovered the solution to my problem. The hole was the shape of a small sentry box. 

It was hard to settle on a design and a colour and a roof and I just kept drawing and drawing.

Finally I settled on a design and starting making. I made it very slender with a beautiful tall roof overhanging a petite door.

It was perfect. It was elegant. It was divine...but it didn't fit the hole anymore and so I put it up for sale...

...and a few years later I am still making sentry boxes and I still have a hole in hedge...




After studying History of Art, Justin enrolled at University of North London to read his first love: Architecture. Under the tutelage of Adam Caruso and Florian Bagel, he focused on the movement of children through adult spaces, the art of repetition and small buildings. Leaving University, he fell into manufacturing, design and music. Justin is now finally ready to open his own design practice, providing curious designs for the modern courtyard garden. Justin lives and works in Bungay.

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