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The Suffolk Sentry Box


Short & Stout

Made from premium joinery class Redwood and with an internal frame, our cabinets are strong enough to sit on. The advantage of an internal frame is strength and resilience to the elements. The frame does not even touch the ground, at all times it is protected from the seasons.


Lovingly Painted

To set off the detailing and quality of the materials; it is only natural that we work with the finest external paints. Our standard colours are from Little Greene®, Farrow & Ball® and Eico®. We often work with customer colours to integrate into the larger design scheme.


Yardening? Balcony Storage? A corridor cabinet? A walkway wardrobe?

Just right for your nook. With a slender slimline profile, our designs are ideal for narrower spaces and even balconies.


Delivered to your spot

If you are within my zone 1 delivery, I generally deliver the Sentry Box myself I will position it for you and make sure its level. I prefer Earl Grey, but can work any type of tea, milk, no sugar.

Bespoke tool shed_edited.jpg


Whether its chrome hinges, slate tiles, windows, paintings, onion domes, a nip/tuck, an extra shelf, locks, wheels, slopes. If you can think it, I can accommodate it or make it real.


God is in the details

Trained as an architect, I appreciate symmetry, form and details. Throughout the designs we have added majestic detailing that hint at the roots of each design.

outdoor rubber feet storage2.jpg

It has wellies!

"It has wellies!" exclaimed a customer from Scotland. Each sentry box is outfitted with rubber feet. These raise the Sentry Box out of any standing water, provide grip and protect your patio tiles.

air circulation shed.jpg

Understanding wood

If you want wood to last outside, and it can and does, it has to be understood. The secret is about working with humidity and designing the structure to temper the seasons. A Suffolk Sentry Box uses air flow to help regulate humidity. Similar to a sash window it draws in air at the bottom and expels warmer air out the roof vents.

slate and metal shed roofs.jpg

Up on the Roof

I think of my roofs as hats, a delightful capping to the perfect outfit. I work with shingles, slate, rubber and aluminium.


Heavy Bottom

Each Suffolk Sentry Box features thick, chunky wood at the base. This offsets the weight of the roof. In conjuntion with our broad bases, our creations are incredibly sturdy.

"I wanted to create an outdoor cabinet that would look just as happy inside as out and bring me a smile every time I saw it."

Each Suffolk Sentry box has been designed and hand built by Justin in Bungay. Over the past few years, Suffolk Sentry has refined the designs with a number of features you cannot find together anywhere else.

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