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The Rook

The Rook


The Rook Sentry Box idles in the corner, patient and still.


Current delivery time: 8-10 weeks


A garden store for your essential items. TheRook sentry box is a cabinet with crenellations and an EPDM rubber roof suitable for pots and keepsakes. The two shelves have a deep recess for taller items such as brooms or umbrellas that poke into the eaves.


The shelves are also available at full width or can be omitted entirely.


The standard version’s colour is stone white with a natural (treated) wood interior. It sits on four rubber feet to keep the wood out of standing water.


It is supplied painted and assembled to your address by us, please enter your region at checkout

Interior Colour
  • Dimensions

    Maximum External Dimensions:

    Width: 54cm (21in)

    Depth: 48cm (19in)

    Height: 158cm (62in)

    Roof Protrusion: 3cm


    Internal Dimensions:

    Width: 44cm (17in)

    Depth: 41cm (16in)

    Door Height: 133cm (52in)

    Apex Height: 143cm (56in)

    Door Aperture:

    35cm x 133cm (14in x 52in)


    All dimensions are approximate and can change due to the availability of materials

  • Options



    Exterior Colours: Stone White (more to follow)


    We can also supply Farrow & Ball and Little Greene colours on request.


    Interior Colours: Stone White, Cornflower Blue, Bowling Green


    Shelves: 0, 1 or 2 shelves (with or without tall item recess)


    Sizes: For alternative dimensions, please visit the design page to create your own dimensions

  • Further Information

    • small 23 x 19 inch footprint
    • 5 ft 2 in height
    • ideal for courtyards, doorways and flower bed follies
    • outdoor storage, delivery box, boot locker
    • 1/4 inch (14mm) heavy duty cladding,
    • 2 shelves (customizable)
    • cast iron cabin hook door
    • no assembly required
    • natural airflow from base to eaves to help protect the cupboard from damp and mould growth
    • Low V.O.C. Paint
    • Internal Frame
    • easy removable roof for transport and cleaning
    • EPDM Rubber roof
    • Rubber Feet (wellies)
    • painted and assembly included
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